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unnamedTranslation from Hungarian into English Bringing the worlds together.

Professional translation opens a new world, and it provides new opportunities for private individuals and companies as well. All this happens in practice, if you hire a translator with sufficient experience, and with language skills used daily in the area of that particular language.

Translation from English into Hungarian 
The essence of English into Hungarian is that the original English text should appear in the translation according to the current Hungarian terminology, transferring the meaning as authentically as possible. Often, these are not the words that need translating from one language into another, but the meaning, the message of the text.

Translation from Hungarian into English
Active, daily use of English is essential for the perfect Hungarian into English translation. There are expressions that cannot be learnt from a dictionary, these can be acquired only during every day communication. The most reliable translation is done by a translator, who lives in an English language area.


An interpreter is an important link between two worlds. A good interpreter does not only speak two languages, but makes a connection and transfers value between the participants. Interpreting is really efficient if the participants understand the content of the communication so well that they do not even realise the language barriers and do not fell the differences between the languages.

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Certified translation

Only OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd.) is entitled to produce certified translations in Hungary. The price is often very high. However, there is a more favourable solution, which offers a more affordable alternative to many people.

As I own a translation company registered in the United Kingdom, translations done by me are accepted as certified translations in the United Kingdom.

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English translation

technical imgTechnical translation, legal translation, business translation
Professional translation is a special task, since it does not only involve language knowledge, there is a lot more behind. There is always special knowledge in specialised texts that is impossible to transfer authentically if the translator does is not skilled the relevant field. This is why it is worth choosing a professional for the translation, who does not only have exceptional language skills, but also has an expert professional knowledge in the field.

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Translation step by step

  1. Fill in the order form.
  2. Send the text to be translated by email or upload it in the Contact menu.
  3. You will receive a confirmation by email and details about the payment.
  4. Bank transfer, financial transaction.
  5. You will receive a confirmation about the deadlines.
  6. You are going to receive the translation by email, or through the post if required.


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